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On Air And On Line

Bristol Amateur Radio Club

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This is generally every few weeks.


Take a look at the Main Pages for the exact date.


Our members meet at various clubs around Bristol,

The North Bristol ARC

The South Bristol ARC

Being the the main attendees of our net.

There are some other clubs in the area and we hope that they will join us soon.

These are...........

The Thornbury ARS

The Shirehampton ARC  

The Gordano ARC


Come and Join us


The Main Pages are at various URLs


so Please Bookmark this front page.  The structure of these pages change from time to time.


These pages include world news and world news links, Tech tips and other
useful information about the World of Amateur Radio.
A particular project we are proud of is Mills on the Air. These pages
consist of some short movies about the events. It obviously is better to
download via a broadband link but, take a look, especially if you are
interested in special event stations. On the MIR pages there is a sound
bite of a contact with MIR space station. For Sale pages sometimes have
interesting thing for sale so why not take a look?  Please go to the Main
Pages to Navigate your way around. Use the link Below.
Does your club have a net night?  If not, join us on our Wednesday 2metre Net
Near the calling frequency generally 145.475 All stations welcome
G7BYN operating as GB0KHM